Company presentation

Katsina Sigoet Ltd is a finance/ project/marketing managing company and have employees from many corners in the world and has it resistance in London in UK and in SWEDEN there it is easy to reach the hole world.

We are also agent for different companies in different branches world wide.

With cost effective marketing and distribution we offer our partners immediate market penetration and a stable growth.

KATSINA SIGOET LTD have full focus on sales, marketing and financing.

KATSINA SIGOET LTD offers consultancy service and advising regarding market research and analysis, feasibility studies, project financing, banking warrantees, financial and commercial risk management, lease management and venture capital financing. Financing of projects undertaken by the KATSINA SIGOET LTD teams with its long experience of strategic planning and specialisation in implementing small as well as large projects, bear the quality of such experience & expertise.

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